Delivering energy savings for a premier property management group


“Achieving a dramatic 70-percent energy-saving” 



A premier property development company with a history spanning over 150 years in Australia, offering end-to-end property management solutions across a diverse range of developments.


The property development company knew it was time for a change when their existing light fixtures, T8 fluorescent tubes, were starting to fail and associated maintenance costs were increasing year on year. Dated fluorescent tubes are notoriously inefficient, and often start to flicker as they age. 


In collaboration with our specialist delivery partner, Green Energy Victoria, Emerald Planet provided a range of lighting upgrades including the replacement of old T8 fluorescent office fittings and new 24W Ambassador low-glare LED panels, achieving a dramatic 70 percent energy-saving for the property management group. The specialised micro-prism diffuser on our Ambassador panels ensures comfort with a low-glare light that is ideal for office environments without compromising light uniformity.


ClaireDayDelivering energy savings for a premier property management group